Organic Based Lawn Care Services

Organic Lawn Care Services

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler offers several organic or natural based products and services for your lawn care needs. These products include organic based fertilizer and soil conditioners, non chemical grub control and organic based weed and grass control.

Our 4 step (we visit your property 4 times throughout the growing season) to apply organic based lawn fertilizer and soil conditioners. With a well planed lawn care plan your lawn will grow a thick healthy carpet of grass that will naturally keep pests and weeds from taking hold. We do offer both a natural white grub (Japanese Beetle larvae) treatment and a vinegar based weed and grass treatment. Our weed and grass treatment will treat both unwanted weeds and a small amount of lawn surrounding the weed. Our natural grub treatment will only control white grubs from Japanese Beetles and one application will stay active for 8-10 years in your lawn.

We also offer a natural ground clear treatment for weeds and grass in rocked or paved areas.

Contact us now to start your organic lawn care services for a pet and kid friendly alternative to traditional lawn care plans that include herbicides and pesticides.