Deep Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration is necessary lawn care service for Littleton, Highlands Ranch and West Centennial area properties. Not all lawn aeration services are the same. The most effective lawn aeration is a deep core or plug aeration. This is when an aeration machine removes small cores or plugs from the soil to help reduce soil compaction and allow air, water and nutrients into the lawn's root system. Colorado soils are typically made up mostly of clay compounds and create firm soil beds that make it hard for lawns retain water and transfer needed air and nutrients to the roots.

There are aeration services that provide slits or cuts in the ground and should not be confused with core or plug aerating services. The slits and cuts may open the ground up to allow for air, water and nutrients to move directly to the lawns root system, but it does nothing to help address soil compaction. It can even be argued that the slit or cut aeration service increases soil compaction. There are also “coreless” or spike aeration services that use a spike or a high pressure water jet to bore a hole in the ground. Again, this type of aeration only allows water, air and nutrients to access the lawns root system and does nothing for soil compaction.

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler uses commercial aeration machines that pull plugs or cores. Our machines are capable of pulling cores up to 3 inches in depth. We also create about 10-12 holes per square foot. Most other aerating services create between 5-9 holes per square foot.

The recommended time to do an aeration is in the spring (March – May) and again in late summer or early fall (September – October). It is not recommended to do an aeration during hot dry months (June – August) because when the cores are removed from the soil and the lawn's root system is exposed the dry hot air can damage the lawns root system. Typically the ground is too hard or frozen to complete an aeration in the winter months (November – February).

When doing an aeration service it is also recommended to apply the correct amount (and the correct type) of fertilizer directly after an aeration. This will allow the fertilizer direct access the the lawns root system and to the soil. You can also spread grass seed at this time to help thicken your lawn. Doing two aerations a year with a fertilizer and over seed at the same time will help create and maintain a green healthy lawn.

Please fill out the form before to have Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler complete a deep core aeration on your lawn. We can also provide a fertilizer and over seed application.

Start Service

Fertilizer and Weed Control Services

Colorado soils and lawns need supplemental nutrients added to them throughout the year to help keep them healthy and drought resistant. Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler can provide fertilizer and weed control programs that meet your lawns needs. We apply fertilizers that are slow release formulations as well as organic based products. All fertilizers are uniquely blended for Colorado soils.

We service properties in the Littleton, Highlands Ranch and West Centennial area. We provide a simple 5 step program that effectively times applications to increase product effectiveness.

We are licensed through the Colorado Department of Agriculture to safely apply and recommend herbicides and pesticides for your lawn and landscaped areas.

Over Seeing Services

While we are providing an aeration service it can be very beneficial to add an over seeding service. Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler uses certified drought resistant grass seed. We spread it at a rate of 1-2lbs per 1000 square feet. This service gives your lawn a boost of youth. Because most lawns are mowed regularly and are never allowed to grow to “seed” lawns age and need to have new seed added every year. Aging lawns are typically thin and “bumpy”. Applying grass seed every year to your lawn during an aeration helps keep your lawn young and healthy. This services is not intended to fix bare spots or repair a severely thinning or “bumpy” lawn. A reseeding service in the late summer is best for those conditions.