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Got Grubs? (Japanese Beetles)

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This time of year we see lots of shinny slow flying beetles devouring vines, roses, shrubs and a some trees. Japanese Beetles seem to be getting worse every year in the south Denver metro area. They will eat fleshy soft leaves and then to make matters worse they lay their eggs in lawns and the grubs nibble on roots destroying patches of lawns.

There are many treatments for lawn grubs that are both preventative and curative. Controlling the adult Japanese Beetle is limited to curative and even then most products are harmful to beneficial pollinators (Bees). The best solution to controlling the adult beetle is preventing the larvae from reaching the adult stage.

The hanging traps that have become popular are attracting beetles to your lawn. Typically they will feed on the closest leaf and lay eggs in the lawn area around the trap before entering the trap. If you do place a trap in your lawn be sure to place it away from any wanted plant that the beetles typically feed on. Also it is recommended to apply a treatment in your lawn to control the grubs that are feeding on your lawn’s root system.

There is a natural occurring bacteria that affects the larvae of the Japanese Beetle called Milky Spore. This powdery substance when applied correctly will control the larvae in the lawn 8-10 years. It only affects the white grub of the Japanese Beetle and is not toxic to people, pets, crops or beneficial pollinators.

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler is now offering applications of Milky Spore.