Highlands Ranch Lawn Care and Sprinkler Services

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler services Highlands Ranch (all services available in 80129 and 80126 – some services for 80130).

We provide the following services to Highlands Ranch area lawns:

Deep Core Lawn Aeration
Liquid or Chemical Aeration
Double Play (core aeration + organic based seasonal fertilizer)
Triple Play (core aeration + organic based seasonal fertilizer + light over seed)
Power Seeding (double pass core aeration + starter fertilizer + reseeding)
Full Season Lawn Care Plan with Weed Control and Premium Fertilizer with Soil Conditioners (5 applications throughout the growing season)
Full Season Organic Based Lawn Care Plan with NO Weed Control (4 applications of fertilizer and soil conditioners only)
Grub Control with Milky Spore (1 lawn application will prevent lawn grubs from turning into adult Japaneses beetles for 6-10 years)
Chemical Lawn Pest Control (treats lawn grubs, lawn mites, ants and other lawn pests)
Sprinkler Blowout Services

Highlands Ranch area homes have a high amount of clay soil that causes compaction and non ideal growing conditions. When the homes in Highlands Ranch were built most of the soil that was extracted to form the basement or crawlspace was left in the yard and graded without adding any screened top soil before adding turf or other landscaping. This soil is typically mostly clay which causes water to sit on the surface longer and either evaporate or wash away before penetrating deep into the lawns root system.

The best way to correct the issue with Highlands Ranch area clay soils is to complete a deep core aeration 1-2 times per year (spring and fall), use organic based fertilizer 3-5 times per year (to add micro and macro nutrients) and to top dress problem areas every few years.

In Highlands Ranch we can provide deep core aeration services, organic based lawn fertilizer applications with or without lawn weed control, lawn seeding services, sprinkler blowout services and other lawn care services. We typically provide service west of Quebec in Highlands Ranch and no longer service Lone Tree area homes.

We also offer both our full season lawn care plan with weed control and our full season organic based lawn fertilizer only (no weed control). If you are in 80129 and 80126 we offer all our single services (deep core lawn aeration or express sprinkler blowout only) however if you are in 80130 we do require a minimum of a Double Play, full season lawn care plan with an aeration or a full service sprinkler winterization. Also please note that a lot of homes in Highlands Ranch have walk out basement or a graded slop to a backyard space. When signing up for a deep core aeration service with us please check your access path to any lawn area. All paths and access points need to be a minimum of 30 inches wide throughout the path and steps need to be no higher than 10 inches and have a landing pad of at least 30 inches by 30 inches. This will allow our aeration machine to step up each step safely without being carried. We provide lawn aeration service in Highlands Ranch with single person teams so we are not able to move our large aeration machines (typically weighing over 350lbs) over standard steps or grades that are grater than 22.5 degrees.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your lawn's health or help you maintain your Highlands Ranch sprinkler system. We are eager to earn your business and become your trusted lawn care and sprinkler blowout experts.

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Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler LLC