Lawn Care and Sprinkler Services

Lawn Care and Sprinkler Services:

Full Season Lawn Care Plans

We offer a Premium 5-step, Organic 4-step or a Single Application Weed and Feed plan. Our Organic 4-step plan is a fertilizer only service and does not include weed control. The Single Application Weed and Feed is an early spring or late fall application that uses pre-emergent weed control and a slow release fertilizer that feeds your lawn for 10-12 months.

  • Full Season Lawn Care Plan
  • Organic Based Lawn Care Plan
  • Weed Control Applications
  • Premium Fertilizer Applications
  • Deep Core Lawn Aeration
  • Power Seeding and Over Seeding
  • Lawn Grub and Mite Prevention
  • Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization

Seasonal Lawn Care Packages

Aeration Only - Deep Core
Double Play (aeration + fertilizer)
Triple Play (aeration + fertilizer + over seed)

These packages can be completed in spring or fall.

Other Lawn Care Services

Power Seeding
Soil Conditioning Treatments
Vegetation Clear
Lawn Grub and Mite Control