Lawn Care Services and Packages

Premium Lawn Care Plans

Our premium fertilizer and weed control program includes up to 7 property visits that apply both balanced fertilizer and directed weed control applications. We apply the correct amount of micro and macro nutrients to ensure your soil and lawn are balanced and healthy.

Organic Based Lawn Care Plan

Our organic based fertilizer plan includes 3 property visits that apply organic based, locally blended fertilizer. No weed control is included. Add a spring and fall deep core aeration and get a healthy lawn naturally.

Deep Core Lawn Aeration Packages

We can provide deep core lawn aeration only or you can add a premium fertilizer application (Double Play) or you can also add an over seed application (Triple Play).

Lawn Seeding Services

We can get your lawn looking thick and green with our power seeding services. We sow in a special blend of grass seed to the entire lawn area to help create a new growth pattern. This service also includes an application of starter fertilizer to help support the new seed growth.