Lawn Care Prices

We promise the best services at the best value. To see our estimated pricing for our lawn care services please select your total lawn square footage below. These prices are estimates and we will measure your lawn and email you a firm estimate. If you are not sure what your lawn square footage is we can measure it for you. Simply choose "I don't know the total area of my lawn" and we will let you know what it is.

Please visit our service page to learn more about our services and the products we use. We are eager to earn your business. Please schedule service with us today or contact us if you have any questions.

We do not visit your property to make measurements. We use satellite imaging and a special measuring tool to mark the outline of your lawn area(s) to get a total square footage.

Enter your lawn area for current pricing:

Deep Core Aeration (service alone) -
Our deep core lawn aeration service starts at $59.

Double Play (aeration + fertilizer) -
Our aeration and fertilizer service starts at $75 for lawns up to 1499 sq ft. Most lawns are between $80-$90. Lawns over 4000 sq ft are slightly more in cost.

Triple Play (aeration + fertilizer + over seed) -
This is our most popular aeration seasonal package.  Aeration, fertilizer and a light over seed service starts at $95 (lawns up to 1499 sq ft) and most lawns are between $100-$125

Power Seeding (double pass aeration + starter fertilizer + reseeding) - Starting at $150 for lawns up t0 1000 sq ft

Top Dressing (peat moss or topsoil spread lightly over lawn with 3lbs of seed mixed in) -
Starting at $175 for areas up to 300 sq ft.

*All prices are general estimates and are subject to change. Some prices reflect a package discount.

2022 Season Specials

10%-12% cash discount on Double Play, Triple Play and Sprinkler Blowout Services