Steps to follow for our "Express" Blowout Only Service

  1. Locate and Shut Off the Water Supply PRIOR to our arrival
    All underground sprinkler systems have a main shut off point. For safety, it is often located in a basement, crawlspace, or in a utility closet. Some turn off valves are located in the ground close to the water meter and a long keyed rod is needed to turn the valve.

Your sprinkler water supply valve will either be a “gate valve” or a quarter turn “ball valve”.
The gate valve will need to be turned clockwise to close.
The quarter turn ball valve handle will need to be perpendicular to the pipe to turn off the water.

Locate and Uncover In Ground Valve Boxes
These valve boxes are typically green and either rectangle or circular in shape. They may be under landscape rocks, mulch or other debris. Please remove rocks, mulch or debris that is covering them so we can identify them and blowout each zone. If you have a valve box located under a shrub or hidden from view please email us a description on the location and place a yard flag next to the area it is located. If we do not see the valve box we will not blowout the zones located in that box.

2. We will blowout your exterior lines and leave your backflow prevention device partially open
Notice the blue valve handles are at 45 degree angles. This is to allow air into your lines to create a vacuum to drain the standing water in any interior lines. LEAVE THESE AT 45 DEGREE ANGLES ALL WINTER.


3. Draining your inside lines

Typically your drain is located on or next to your sprinkler water supply shut off valve. It will either look like a outside water faucet or a small brass nipple that has a grooved cap covering it.


Remove the cap and catch the water with a cup or bucket.
* The water should NOT have a lot of pressure when it comes out. If it has continues high pressure for more than 10 seconds make sure the sprinkler water supply is off and that you have the correct drain.
The amount of water drained depends on the length of pipe you have.

Drain Your System to Protect Against Freeze Damage

1. Turn off sprinkler water supply
2. Turn isolation and test cock valves to 45 degree angles on your backflow prevention device
3. Open the drain located in the in ground valve box(s). Close the drain after the water is drained
4. Open the drain located next to the sprinkler water supply valve
5. Cover the exposed copper and plastic piping on the side of your house with a towel, blanket or insulation, then cover that with a plastic trash bag.