Deep Core Lawn Aeration

4-6″ Plugs for Lawn Aeration?

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Lawn aerators us metal tines to pierce the soil and remove cores between 1-5″.

All aerating machines are generally the same. Don’t be fooled by “we have special machines that have the deepest plugs”. All machines (even custom machines) pull plugs between 1 inch up to 5 inches. The depth of the plug is determined by the softness of the ground.

In aeration the amount of holes per square foot is more important than depth of holes. The purpose of aeration is to allow air, water and nutrients to easily access the lawns root system and to help alleviate soil compaction. It is better to have more 1 inch holes every square foot than it is to have less 2+ inch holes every square foot.

The aerating machine is a tool and if not used properly will not result in quality results for your lawn. The service person using the machines are all different and will use the machine differently which causes different results in your lawn.

So all aerating machines are generally the same but not all aerating service persons are properly trained on how to effectively use the machine to give your lawn the best results.

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