Sprinkler ServicesCowboy Lawn and Sprinkler offers sprinkler services for Littleton, Highlands Ranch, West Centennial, South Lakewood, and parts of South Denver and Englewood. Our sprinkler blowout services are available to all customers located in our service area as an add on package or a single service. Our sprinkler start, sprinkler audit/analysis, and water wise upgrade services are limited to our full season lawn care customers. 

Sprinkler Start Services:
This service is limited to our full season lawn care customers only. If you are signed up for our 4 or 5 step lawn care package or if you signed up for a top dressing or power seeding service you are eligible for our sprinkler start service.
This service is available from April through May. It includes turning on your water supply, pressurizing your system, minor sprinkler adjustments and programming your sprinkler controller for the current season. We will also include emailed directions and recommendations for your sprinkler watering schedule.
Our sprinkler start / adjustment service does not include any repairs or parts. If a basic repair is needed we try our best to complete that repair during our visit, however in some cases we will have to schedule a repair service for a later date. We do not repair or service all systems. We are limited to basic repairs.

Sprinkler Zone Analysis or Audit Service:
This service includes