Lawn Treatment Plans

Achieve optimal soil and lawn health with our meticulously crafted lawn plans, tailored to provide the perfect balance of micro and macro nutrients. We offer both organic-based and traditional lawn plans, ensuring flexibility to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a lawn plan with or without weed control, we've got you covered.

Explore Our Comprehensive Lawn Treatment Plans and Services:

  1. 3-Step Organic Based Fertilizer Only Plan: Experience the benefits of organic-based lawn care with three organic fertilizer treatments strategically scheduled throughout the growing season:

    • March/April: Early spring feeding with soil conditioners.

    • May/June: Late spring feeding with water-saving soil conditioners.

    • August/September: Later summer feeding with a slow-release fertilizer for winter preparation. Please note, weed control is not included in this plan.

  2. 4-Step Water Restriction Plan (Organic Based): Combat drought stress and high temperatures with our Water Restriction Plan, focusing on soil conditioners and nutrients to protect your lawn:

    • April/May: Premium spring blend fertilizer with HydaHume and Revive soil conditioners, plus spring aeration.

    • June: Water-saving soil treatment to improve water penetration and prevent drying.

    • August: Repeat of the June treatment.

    • September: Organic-based fertilizer with Hydra Hume and Revive, plus fall aeration - with optional seed addition for an extra charge.

  3. 3-Step Seeding Plan: Revive your lawn with seed while maintaining weed control with our Seeding Plan:

    • March/April: Seed-safe herbicide and organic-based fertilizer with Hydra Hume and Revive.

    • May/June: Seeding service with seed-safe herbicide and starter fertilizer.

    • August/September: Organic-based fertilizer with Hydra Hume and Revive, with spot weed spraying for actively growing weeds. Optional September seeding service available for enhanced lawn revival.

  4. 5-Step Classic Plan: Ensure your lawn's health and beauty with our 5-step plan, featuring premium fertilizer, soil conditioners, and weed control:

    • March/April: Early spring treatment with nitrogen-rich fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide.

    • May: Mid-spring treatment with organic-based fertilizer, Revive, and post-emergent herbicide.

    • June: Late spring treatment with early summer fertilizer and weed control.

    • August: Summer stress repair treatment with organic-based fertilizer and spot weed spraying.

    • September: Late summer treatment with organic-based fertilizer, Hydra Hume, and Revive, with spot weed spraying.

  5. 7-Step Premium Plan: Experience the ultimate in lawn care with our 7-step premium plan, including all features of the 5-step plan, plus:

    • June/July: Lawn pest control treatment with premium soil conditioners (SoakerPlus and Injector).

    • October: Winter-Shield fertilizer treatment to fortify your lawn for the colder months. This plan offers 4.5lbs of nitrogen over the season, along with micro and macro nutrients, premium soil conditioners, and pH balancers.

In addition to our comprehensive lawn treatment plans, we offer the following services:

  • Milky Spore Lawn Grub Treatment: Protect your lawn from Japanese beetle larvae damage with this natural treatment lasting over 10 years.

  • Chemical Lawn Pest Control and Fungicide Treatments: Combat lawn pests and diseases effectively.

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