When should a Deep Core Aeration be completed?

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When can a Deep Core Aeration be completed in Littleton Colorado?

We get this question quite a bit. The answer is simple…anytime of year except December and January, however you receive the most benefits doing it in April and May and again in September. When completed in June or July the plugs or holes need to be replaced with composted top dressing to ensure the root system is not exposed to the heat and dry out. Aerations can also be completed in February and March for an early spring treatment, however the ground is still partially frozen so the holes or plugs will most likely be shallow. October and November service will give you typically deep holes however the snow and freeze may limit the amount of cores that disintegrate or fill in.

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler will provide aeration services from February through May and again in September. We do not typically provide aeration service in June and July due to the high temperatures and dry conditions. Aerations that are completed in June or July will need to have top dressing applied to fill in all the holes to ensure the root system is not damaged. Also, we typically do not provide deep core aeration in October because we are busy trying to provide sprinkler blowout services to our customers. It is also recommended that your soil and lawn has a minimum of 3 weeks of growth after an aeration before it goes dormant to ensure the holes close and cores break down. Completing an aeration in October will not allow the 3 weeks of growth prior to going dormant.

A lot of customers will ask how deep are our plugs or cores. The answer is mostly based not on our machines but on the soils temperature and moisture condition. If the ground temperature is less than 55 degrees or the ground is mostly dry, holes or plugs will be limited to 1-2 inches. It is only when the ground temperature reaches a minimum of 55 degrees (typically in April) and the soil is thoroughly watered that a deep core aeration machine can pull plugs or cores to a depth between 2-4 inches.

The depth of the hole is not quite as important as the amount of holes per square foot. Most aeration services provide a non overlapping single pass that achieves on average about 6-9 holes per square foot. Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler will apply a single overlapping pass that achieves about 9-10 holes per square foot. We can also provide a double pass service to achieve about 13-18 holes per square foot.

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