When should a Deep Core Aeration be completed?

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Lawn Aeration

Many of our clients often inquire about the ideal time for Deep Core Aeration in Littleton, Colorado. The optimal months for this service are April, May, and September. However, it’s possible to perform aeration at almost any time of the year, except in December and January. Aeration in June and July requires additional care, like adding a composted top dressing, to protect the root system from heat and dehydration. February and March are suitable for early spring aeration, but be aware that the ground may still be partly frozen, leading to shallower holes. October and November offer the potential for deeper aeration, but the cold and snow could affect the effectiveness of the process.

At Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler, we offer aeration services from February through May, and then again in September. We typically avoid June and July due to high temperatures and dry conditions, which can harm the root system if the holes are not properly filled with top dressing. October is also a busy month for us with sprinkler blowout services, and we recommend allowing your lawn at least three weeks of growth post-aeration before it enters dormancy, which is not feasible if aeration is done in October.

Clients often ask about the depth of our aeration plugs or cores. The depth, usually 1-2 inches under less than ideal conditions, is influenced more by soil temperature and moisture than our equipment. When the soil temperature is above 55 degrees (usually starting in April) and adequately moist, our machines can achieve a depth of 2-4 inches.

The effectiveness of aeration is not just about hole depth but also the density of holes per square foot. Standard aeration services usually result in about 6-9 holes per square foot with a single pass. At Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler, our single overlapping pass technique creates approximately 7-10 holes per square foot, and we can offer a double pass for about 11-5 holes per square foot.

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