Announcing Our 2024 Spring Offers:

🌱 Early Bird Bonus: Act fast and enroll in our comprehensive 5-step or 7-step lawn treatment plan by March 24th to receive a complimentary pre-emergent broadleaf lawn treatment. Get a jumpstart on a weed-free lawn and ensure your greenspace is the envy of the neighborhood.

💰  Price Drop Alert: We're thrilled to share that our Premium 7-step lawn treatment plan is now more budget-friendly than ever! Enjoy top-notch lawn care at a newly reduced price, ensuring your lawn receives the best care without breaking the bank.

💳  Special Payment Incentive: Planning ahead pays off! Secure your spot in either our 5-step or 7-step lawn treatment plan by paying in full and receive a whopping 50% off a spring or fall aeration service. This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in your lawn's health while enjoying significant savings.

🌱 Lawn Revival Gift: Experience the magic of our new GreenBoost Lawn Revival seeding service and we'll treat your lawn to a FREE soil conditioner and wetting agent treatment. This is your chance to nurture your lawn from the roots up and witness a stunning transformation.

💲 Cash Benefit: Confirm and pay for any service or package with cash at the time of service and receive up to a 10% discount. A fantastic way to save more while caring for your lawn.

Don't miss out on these limited-time offers to elevate your lawn care routine and achieve the green oasis you deserve.

Introducing Our New Lawn Treatment Plans

We are excited to introduce our new range of Lawn Treatment Plans, each uniquely designed to cater to different lawn care needs.

7-Step Premium Plan (7 Applications): Our most comprehensive package offers monthly applications for continual lawn care. This plan includes custom-mixed lawn fertilizer, applying a total of 4.5lb of nitrogen throughout the season. It features premium soil conditioners like Hydra Hume, Injector, SoakerPlus, and Revive. Each visit includes pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control, along with broad-spectrum lawn pest treatment. An October winter fertilizer application and deep root simulator are also integral parts of this plan. Optional services such as seasonal aerations, fall seeding, and sprinkler service can be added for enhanced lawn care.

5-Step Classic Plan (5 Applications): Our classic 5-application plan is ideal for maintaining a healthy lawn. It includes premium lawn fertilizer with 3.5lbs of nitrogen applied over the growing season and both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Soil conditioners such as Hydra Hume and Revive are part of this plan. You also have the flexibility to customize this plan with additional treatments or services.

3-Step Seeding Plan (3 Applications): This plan is perfect for kickstarting your lawn’s growth, especially during spring. It includes a safe weed control treatment during the seeding process and additional lawn treatments that promote new growth while controlling weeds. The plan can be customized with additional fall seeding or aeration services.

4-Step Water Restriction Plan (3 Applications): Tailored for lawns under water restrictions, this plan consists of three applications of organic-based fertilizer and soil conditioner. A water-saving soil conditioner treatment is applied before the peak of summer heat. This plan excludes weed control to minimize stress on your lawn and includes both Spring and Fall Aeration.

3-Step Organic-Based Fertilizer Only Plan (3 Applications): Our eco-friendly option, this plan uses organic-based fertilizer and soil conditioner. It involves three applications spread across the season, without weed control, to minimize lawn stress. Like our other plans, it offers customization options, including additional treatments or seasonal seeding services.

Each of these plans is designed to cater to the specific needs of your lawn, ensuring optimal health and beauty throughout the year.

    Presenting Our Latest Innovation: GreenBoost Lawn Revival Seeding Service

    Introducing our newest offering, the GreenBoost Lawn Revival seeding service – a groundbreaking solution designed to rejuvenate and transform your lawn. This innovative service is tailored to infuse new vitality and robust growth into your outdoor space.

    Our GreenBoost Lawn Revival approach includes several key features. Firstly, we apply an abundant 5lbs of seed per 1000 sq ft of lawn, ensuring your turf is lush and thick. To guarantee optimal seed-to-soil contact, we employ a sophisticated split seeding machine. This technology precisely plants the seeds into the soil, enhancing germination and establishment. Additionally, we incorporate premium starter fertilizer in the process. This special blend is rich in essential nutrients, fostering strong root development and vigorous grass growth.

    Choosing GreenBoost Lawn Revival comes with a host of benefits. We ensure thorough coverage of your lawn, promising uniform growth and a beautifully green surface. The efficient germination process, supported by our premium starter fertilizer, accelerates your lawn's transformation. Moreover, our professional expertise in lawn care guarantees outstanding results. Our team, backed by years of experience, is dedicated to surpassing your expectations and helping you cultivate the lawn you've always desired.

    Embrace the GreenBoost Lawn Revival seeding service to turn your lawn into a flourishing haven. Discover the impact of quality seeding and revel in a greener, more vibrant outdoor space for

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