2023 SEASON  -  Welcome Back!

2023 Spring Specials:

+ Sign up for our new customizable 3-step or Premium Monthly Plan by March 15 and receive a $45 credit to be applied to a fall lawn care service or sprinkler blowout service.
+ Sign up for our classic Spring and Fall Triple Play or Spring and Fall Power Seeding package and receive our upgraded full season lawn fertilizer FREE (up to a $35 value)
+ Sign up for all 7 steps with our new custom lawn treatment plan and receive a FREE Soil Test + Lawn Report as well as an additional nutrient treatment to repair any deficient levels found in the test/report
+ Sign up for our new Reseeding Service (double pass split seeder + seed applied at 4-6lbs per 1000 sq ft of lawn + starter fertilizer) and receive an additional FREE Water Saving Soil Treatment

Our 3 new Lawn Treatment Plans

Monthly Premium Lawn Treatment Plan (7 applications in full plan) -
This plan includes our full lineup of applications:

+ Monthly applications (7 applications in a complete plan)
+ Soil test with lawn report
+ Custom mixed lawn fertilizer (4lb of nitrogen applied over season)
+ Premium soil conditioners
+ Pre-emergent or post emergent weed control in each visit
+ Broad spectrum lawn pest treatment
+ July water saving soil conditioner application
+ October winter fertilizer and deep root stimulator
This plan is a full service package. Add a fall aeration, fall seeding and/or sprinkler service.

Base Lawn Treatment Plan (3 applications) -
This plan includes our 3 base applications and additional applications can be added to customize to your lawn's needs:

+ 3 applications (Mar/Apr + May/Jun + Aug/Sep)
+ More application or services can be added
+ Premium lawn fertilizer (3lbs of nitrogen applied over 3 applications)
+ Soil conditioners
+ Pre-emergent and post emergent weed control

This plan can be customized to add additional applications, treatments or services. The 3 applications are the base lawn treatments to keep your lawn weed free and healthy over the growing season.

Organic Based Fertilizer Only Plan (3 applications) -
This plan includes fertilizer and soil conditioners only:

+ 3 applications (Mar/Apr + May/Jun + Aug/Sep)
+ Organic based lawn fertilizer (3lbs of nitrogen applied over 3 applications)
+ Soil Conditioners

This plan used to be 4 applications however we changed our product line to include more slow release and stable nutrients that better feed your lawn and condition your soil. We recommend adding a spring and fall aeration with over seed to this lawn treatment plan.

Our lawn plans have been simplified and customizable for your lawn's unique needs. Our Base Lawn Treatment Plan includes the 3 main applications to control weeds and supply your lawn with a good nutrient foundation. It also includes premium soil conditioners that help balance soil pH and help release tied up nutrients in your existing soil. From our base plan you can add a number of additional applications including a broad spectrum lawn pest control treatment, a dry patch/clay buster treatment, water saving soil enhancer, soil test with lawn report, Revive/wetting agent treatment and a winter shield fertilizer with root stimulator. All of these services/applications are included in our Premium Monthly Lawn Treatment Plan. Both of these plans include weed control (both pre-emergent and/or post-emergent treatments) at each visit.

Our new Organic Based Fertilizer Only Plan now 3 nutrient packed applications. We have updated our product and can now offer 3 applications and still give your lawn the same organic based nutrients and soil conditioners as before but for a better value.

Our sprinkler activation is still limited to our base 3-step (or more) with weed control customers. Our sprinkler adjustment service is still limited to our base 3-step with weed control (or more) or our Reseeding or Power Seeding customers. Our sprinkler repair services are limited to sprinkler head/nozzle replacement or visible in ground line repair to our Premium Monthly Lawn Treatment customers.

All our aeration packages, sprinkler blowout services, seeding services and Milky Spore lawn grub treatment are offered to all our customers as stand alone or packaged services. Our lawn pest control application, lawn disease treatments, soil testing with lawn report and ground clear applications can be added to any of our lawn treatment plans but are not available as a standalone treatment or service.

Our full terms and conditions of service

Thank you for your business! We hope to become your trusted lawn care and sprinkler blowout experts.