Sprinkler Blowout and Winterize Services

Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization Services

We can blowout or winterize your sprinkler system. We use commercial high volume low pressure tow behind compressors to safely and effectively remove all the water in your sprinkler lines without damaging your system.

We provide blowout only sprinkler services and full sprinkler turn offs for homes in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, West Centennial, Parts of South Denver, Parts of South Lakewood and Parts of Englewood.

We offer two different sprinkler turn off services:

Blowout Only Services - We will blowout your exterior lines and valves. The customer will need to turn off water supply prior to our arrival and then drain any water left in the inside lines after our service is complete. This is for customers with newer or updated sprinkler systems. The system will need to have in ground sprinkler valves that can be turned on/off manually (or a timer control box that is accessible outside and unlocked) and a backflow prevention device with the ability to safely connect our air hose. No one needs to be present for service as we will not need access to the inside of your property for this service. If you are not sure if your system meets these requirements please schedule our Full Sprinkler Winterization Service.

Full Sprinkler Winterization Service - This is our full service sprinkler turn off service. We will turn off your sprinkler water supply, blowout your exterior lines, drain the interior line and turn your timer clock off.

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