Littleton Lawn Care and Sprinkler Service

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler services Littleton area properties including  80120, 80123, 80128 and most parts of 80127.

We provide the following services to Littleton area lawns:

Deep Core Lawn Aeration
Liquid or Chemical Aeration
Double Play (core aeration + organic based seasonal fertilizer)
Triple Play (core aeration + organic based seasonal fertilizer + light over seed)
Power Seeding (double pass core aeration + starter fertilizer + reseeding)
Top Dressing with Reseeding (peat moss spread lightly over lawn with about 3lbs of grass seed mixed in)
Full Season Lawn Care Plan with Weed Control and Premium Fertilizer with Soil Conditioners (5 applications throughout the growing season)
Full Season Organic Based Lawn Care Plan with NO Weed Control (4 applications of fertilizer and soil conditioners only)
Grub Control with Milky Spore (1 lawn application will prevent lawn grubs from turning into adult Japaneses beetles for 6-10 years)
Chemical Lawn Pest Control (treats lawn grubs, lawn mites, ants and other lawn pests)
Sprinkler Blowout Services

We are a small Littleton based company trying to help our neighbors grow green healthy lawns. We started in 2014 as a lawn care business however we have been working on lawns for over 20 years.

Littleton area lawns can call on Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler to help renew an ugly looking lawn with our popular lawn aeration packages or or full season lawn care plans.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your lawn's health or help you maintain your Littleton sprinkler system. We are eager to earn your business and become your trusted lawn care and sprinkler blowout experts.

Thank you,

Cowboy Lawn and Sprinkler LLC